Mitt Romney wins the debate

Posted: January 27, 2012 by alephnaughty in Politics
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According to Intrade, Romney’s nomination prospects were significantly up by the end of yesterday’s debate, compared with where they were at the start of the debate. By contrast, Gingrich’s prospects were significantly down, while Paul and Santorum more or less flat lined. Given how much of a lock Romney already was for the nomination, his performance (as measured by Intrade) was impressive indeed. At this point, unless we find out Romney is a Kenyan anti-colonialist Muslim socialist, I think this thing is over with.

A lot of Democrats seem to want Gingrich to be the nominee, for he will supposedly be easier for Obama to beat. What they forget, however, is that in every presidential election, no matter how extreme or incompetent the candidates, the Republican and the Democrat each have a sizeable chance of winning. Do they really want to risk a Gingrich presidency just to boost Obama’s chances by a percentage point or two? Or would they rather have both parties serve up the best they have to offer, so that the worst case scenario is not so bad?

Whatever else you may say about Romney, if you were an employer hiring someone to perform the duties of the president, Romney’s resume would make him a rather attractive candidate. Gingrich’s simply would not. If you’re a Democrat, his being a Republican may be enough to get you to support Obama (fair enough). But I’d sleep easier knowing that whichever party wins, the president isn’t going to be an doughboyish, crazy, unpredictable buffoon with no demonstrated experience managing a large bureaucracy like the US government.

But that’s just me. And for the record, Senator Assyfuck McNutdick continues to enjoy my support.

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