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The results

Posted: March 7, 2012 by alephnaughty in Politics
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Compare with my predictions

Washington–Romney, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich (67% correct)

Georgia–Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul (100% correct)
Idaho–Romney, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich (100% correct)
Massachusetts–Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich (100% correct)
North Dakota–Santorum, Paul, Romney, Gingrich (83% correct)
Ohio–Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul (100% correct)
Oklahoma–Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Paul (83% correct)
Tennessee–Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Paul (100% correct)
Vermont–Romney, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich (83% correct)
Virginia–Romney, Paul (100% correct)

That’s 92% correct overall. If you just count Super Tuesday states, I was 94% correct. A/A- seems fair.

Note also that these contests could’ve played out in one of over 2.6 trillion different ways. Come on…fives.